Informal education
School Programme
Business Programme
Educating the community in the areas mentioned above will aid them not only in tasks of their everyday lives like operation of mobile phones, simple calculations or ability to converse with people from other tribes, but it also affects their long term views, attitudes and way of thinking. They will be more open-minded towards outside opinions and ideas, giving them thorough thought before simply rejecting them due to their primitive thinking, while wanting to stick to routines their used to including harmful practices like FGM.  It will also improve their conflict resolution skills so the next time a disagreement pops up they might be able to avoid violence to solve the issue. They will start to value education and send their own children to school instead of to the bush to graze animals.

Special events like sporting competitions will give especially the younger population an opportunity to socialize in a more productive way rather than potential illegal activities like cattle rustling etc. If funds allow in future a social hall might even be establish to host traditional dancing etc.

Guest speakers addressing practices like FGM might be more successful in making an impact. Such guest speakers might have used to support and/or conducted the practice in the past, but then changed their mind, which can have a bigger effect than any other random individual touching upon the sensitive subject in this area.

A rescue centre for girls who want to escape practices like FGM or child marriage is planned to be established one day, to provide affected girls with a safe and harmonic environment to grow up and even get back into formal schooling.