There is also the option of sponsoring a child.
You can support a child either for a short period (e.g. one term, a single purpose (e.g. uniform only) or long-term, i.e. 1 year up to until he/she finishes school.
$30 gets a pupil through one year of primary school (class 1-8 in Kenya), catering for school fees, books, stationary and uniform. You can also sponsor secondary school students (Form 1-4) which cost ranges from $300 to $700 depending on the type of school (boarding vs. day).Please bear in mind however, that there are no day schools in direct proximity up to the next town (ca. 25km) and the student would have to look for his/her own accommodation.
You will receive a detailed breakdown of how your money is spent. Every cent goes explicitely to the child you chose without deduction of any administrative cost whatsoever.
You will receive regular updates on the child’s process (incl. performance/attendance), drawings or letters from the child it made specifically for you, as well as photos. You can also pass messages and/or photos of yourself/presents to the child if wanted (optional).
For more info and to choose a child from various profiles please drop us an email or submit a message via the form on the contact site.
NB: Despite quite a few parents having sufficient money to pay the relatively low school fees for primary school level, they refuse as they don’t see the benefit of education. This issue however is targeted by one of our other activities and for this purpose of sponsorship we have taken great efforts in identifying only those children who are truly needy.
Be assured without your help the child would not be able to attend school and you are making a true difference in his/her life shaping his/her future.
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